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Boy is developed by the Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut, Inc.

About CCEP
About CCEP
Does my child need help? How do I get the best help? Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know if my child needs help and when should I be concerned? Are there warning signs or symptoms I should look for?  How do I know if it is just a passing phase or if it is time to seek professional help?  If I think my child needs help, where do I turn?  Should I talk to a professional?  How do I find a qualified provider?  What questions should I ask? As a parent, should I be involved in the process?  How do I know if my child is getting the best help?   1. How do I know when to worry about my child’s mental health?

 2. Who do I turn to for help?

 3. How do I know if my child needs help right away?

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National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day
In honor of National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day and Mental Health Awareness Month we have some important news and resources. Please click here to learn more.
Latest News and Interviews
Please click here for the latest children's mental health news and interviews with experts on child trauma and other children's mental health issues.

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